What is Cultural PTSD?

The Short Answer

Cultural PTSD theory says that on a cultural level we are thinking and behaving in many important ways like people with PTSD think and behave. That is not to say that we have all been exposed to trauma or are having our own individual experiences with PTSD.  What the theory says is that we collectively hold some important cultural norms, values, and assumptions which are similar to those of people who have PTSD, -and that we are all affected by those cultural norms, values, and assumptions.

This site explains the phenomenon of Cultural PTSD. It then acts as a call to action for us to begin using the concept of Cultural PTSD and trauma informed thinking in order to more clearly understand the roots of some of our most pressing societal problems.

The theory has six main points which can be found here: Cultural PTSD Outline 

Here is a very quick and condensed version of the theory.  A full book, Cultural PTSD, The Impact of Humanity’s Trauma Filled History, is upcoming.

All of the articles beyond the condensed summary that are available on this website are draft versions of sections in the full book. Many have already been substantially revised for the book.