The Big Three Dynamics

So: hyper-focuses on power, the incredible levels of defensiveness around it, and the relative lack of logic based -reason- are all super important to keep in mind when thinking about intentional bigots (and authoritarians for that matter).

Three other factors that contribute to why authoritarians and intentional bigots tend to be so wrong about so many other social issues.

1) Authoritarians and intentional bigots don’t operate from unconditional love/care for all, or from equality based values. That really limits how they can positively contribute to the common good.

2) They really can’t be expected to play by the rules of fairness. By virtue of thinking they are better than others their mindsets often allow for them to focus only on their own interests. They will just dismiss other perspectives. Some will cheat consciously (or even more insidiously, unconsciously cheat) because they are do not care about the effects of their actions on folks they do not respect, nor see as equals.

But probably most importantly: because they believe in things that are simply not true:

3) Neither authoritarians nor intentional bigots can argue in good faith. At all. Around these issues. They -have to- use illogic and/or flawed arguments to hold the positions they hold. Because if they used the full scope of the situation, and then applied all the rules of logic and reason, they simply couldn’t support their positions.

Good faith says we will debate fairly using agreed upon rules and understandings of logic and reason to find mutually agreeable solutions to conflicts. The legal definition also implies a lack of malice…Intentional bigots simply can’t operate in good faith because their positions won’t hold up to logic, AND their positions are full of malice.