About This Site

My name is CJ Patterson and I’m a licensed counselor by trade.  I have developed this concept over the past couple of years and have tried to express it here and in the upcoming book so that

  1. It’s accessible- I want the concept to be easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to apply.
  2. It’s comprehensive- the more I think about the impacts of trauma, the more ways I see how past traumas have shaped our values and behaviors on cultural levels.

It is my belief that using a trauma informed perspective to examine our many social problems will help us more clearly see how inter-related our social problems really are. Further, once we see these connections, we will be better able to resolve our problems and create solutions that will benefit all of us. 

If you wish to comment or join me in this endeavor, please contact me at cj@aligned-visions.com



A full book, currently called  “Cultural PTSD, The Impact of Humanity’s Trauma Filled History” is in the works.

I’ve also written an allegorical novel available at aligned-visions.com under a pen name.  It’s science fiction, filled with strong female characters, and it concerns itself with a psychological affliction that is infecting an unlucky planet…the affliction looks suspiciously like Cultural PTSD, and the planet looks quite a bit like our dear planet Earth.