Authoritarians Value Power, Not Reason

Intentional* bigotry certainly appears to be far more common among those who hold more positive beliefs about authoritarianism. More about the mindsets related to authoritarianism here.   

Authoritarians (consciously or unconsciously) value the physical ability to rule ‘over’ others. They don’t much value or operate from real reason or logic.  

They see the need for power ‘over’ situations (and Others) as the PRIMARY way to ensure their safety. Unlike the vast majority of folks who may have a few blind spots, but still want to work for a world where all people are seen and treated as equals and with dignity (a power ‘with’ others stance), an authoritarian view assumes Others (not like them) -are- lesser and need to be kept in subordinate positions, or they will somehow ruin things. 

This is a hugely important point because it is a radically different (and truly depraved) way of looking at the world and people in it.

And we NEED to collectively understand that.