Denial Is A Major Problem

Part Of The Population Descends Fully Into Denial

This sounds extreme, but so are deaths and abuse from  intentional bigotry and authoritarians

When denial is in use, people are at least partially blind to the extent and impact of whatever they are in denial about. Denial is not “just” hardheaded stubbornness: it is dangerously impaired thinking. Active alcoholics really don’t believe they have problems. Despite that fourth DWI. Really. 

They are convinced they just enjoy drinking. Denial distorts thinking. People will minimize, distort, overstate, over generalize, make false equivalences, lie by omission, project their motivations onto others, rationalize their beliefs using ridiculous bits of anecdotal evidence and/or just make shit up. 

The same dynamic of denial (pretty obviously) applies to intentional* bigots. They simply don’t see it.  If you’ve ever tried to engage in real debate about their stances with an intentional* bigot, you know this is true. They are simply impervious to reasonable arguments.

The alcoholic in denial who will dismiss mountains of reasonable evidence that prove his alcoholism. The Rush Limbaughs of the world repeatedly and emphatically deny they are racist, and then turn around and refuse to support reasonable voting rights laws, while proposing outrageously discriminatory ones (for example).The dynamic is virtually the same.

This groups will use any means available to them to justify their bigotry no matter how strained, unreasonable, narrow, or illogical—this true of all people who are in denial. And, not coincidentally, denial is common way for people to avoid very difficult facts, which is exactly what Cultural PTSD theory indicates people will do on both the personal and cultural levels.