Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

A simple reflection on history shows us that obsessive quests, driven by denial and rationalizations have been at the root of all atrocities humans have perpetrated on themselves and the planet. 

Denial is present in all phases of atrocities, from the cultural shifts that create the roads leading to the atrocities, to during them, to afterwards.

Many people have noted how some folks appear to really be perceiving different realities in the US.  And this is exactly what happens in clinical level denial. In denial, beliefs about reality are substituted for the actual reality, but only around certain issues

Your tax accountant might be able to do great work in his field, and tend his roses just fine, while at the same time he is full clinical level denial about his excessive drinking. You see his name in the paper with a fourth DWI, and easily understand he’s got an alcohol problem. He thinks he’s unlucky and feels a bit targeted. Really.

Functional alcoholics abound. Functional intentional bigots and authoritarians also abound.

And here’s another thing: it is really tricky to successfully call out denial when folks are fully in it.

Folks become impaired by denial because some tiny part of them knows they are way off in their perspectives. But the reality of the situation threatens them so badly, part of them decides they can’t face that reality. So they find ways to deny the reality.

When that happens, they become incredibly defensive around the entire topic. 

Because of this hyper-defensiveness, any attempts to present more reality based perspectives are -routinely- attacked.

Is any of this sounding familiar? It should, it’s way more common than most people realize.

Thus with intentional bigots, any whiff of a challenge to their sense of superiority and they will become as defensive as any active alcoholic is when someone says they are concerned about how much they drink.