Trauma Based Response (TBR) – in short acting out of fear. It’s a bit more complicated than that, click here for a slightly longer explanation

Trauma informed – At the practitioner level this means having an awareness of how often and how much trauma can play a role in mental health issues and dysfunctional behaviors.  It means being aware of the pervasiveness of trauma, how we react to it as humans on physiological and psychological levels, and having some knowledge of how to address it.

“Trauma informed lens”, and “trauma informed care” can also be synonyms. In this piece practitioner level “trauma informed care” and organizational level “Trauma Informed Care” are differentiated by capitalizing the latter.

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) – At the organizational

Unprocessed – When this term is used in psychology it refers to automatic or unexamined reactions to things. It means a lack of awareness about what is really driving our motivations/actions.