Is America Safe From Rigged Election?

The “results” from Iowa’s 2020 Democratic caucus are “delayed”. There were “inconsistencies”. Tell you what happened. Bernie Sanders won by a landslide and the fucking corporate shills are terrified. Here’s the ridiculous part: the dudes who are trying to buy the election are already filthy rich and have a lot of power. In other words, the stupid stunted idiots are the billionaires that most thinking people think should not exist. WTF do they need even more power for? In Buddhism (according to my somewhat limited understanding) they would be called “Hungry Ghosts”. Dudes and dudettes who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever be satisfied because they are trying to find fulfillment from the wrong things. Their greed becomes insatiable precisely because money is not what they really need.. But do the effing idiots have to crash and burn the planet in order to pursue their foolishness? Apparently they are entitled enough to think they should. I think we should get started on neutralizing the fools via -humane- repeat -humane- neutralization. Let them have room service, but don’t allow the fuckers to have any say or power. Live off your fucking savings- fools! The rest of should get going on redistribution, stat.

Suggested songs for reading this: Your cash ain’t nothing but trash, you ain’t nothin but a hound dog