People In Denial Are Dangerous To Themselves And Others

If that also sounds a bit harsh, well, again, so is dying from their violence, which…has happened far too often in history where entire groups of people have been targeted and killed or subjected to legally enforced unfair treatment.  Like it or not, clinical level denial is a huge piece of any social problem. And it is also a dynamic that psychology hasn’t been able to reliably crack yet. 

And unfortunately, compassion based strategies directed toward bigots is rarely effective against their denial. The harsh reality is people can and do DIE from denial based beliefs on a frighteningly regular basis.  

So, for us fair minded folk, a very large problem with denial is that our problem solving strategies usually appeal to… fairness and reason… which intentional* bigots distort, or are impervious to

So what are we, people of good faith left with? We’ve got folks where no amount of logic and compassion based reasonable arguments is going to be terribly effective. 

And meanwhile the intentional bigot is just bashing through all kinds of guardrails that the rest of us use to try to create a better world (kind of like a drunk driver).  I think we’re at a place where we really have to consider the paradox of tolerance about them in as many ways as possible.2

Clearly, appeasement of any kind won’t help, and will ONLY make things worse. Again, I’m talking about intentional bigots. The actively destructive ones. The ones who normalize their depraved, stunted, and fear based beliefs.