PTSD is Treatable

I’m going to be frank here: This is a section that is not fleshed out nearly as much as I would like.

My main thoughts about this theory right now is that it needs to get disseminated as a theory linking a multitude of cultural problems back to a common root.  I hope that people can see the correlations, and that the ideas will start percolating through more people.

My second priority is to say that how we are dealing with our problems is not working and a shift to compassion based strategies is long overdue.

Having said those things, I do think that some of the most important work in trauma work comes when people actually start to put the pieces together that there is a reason for the symptoms they have.  When people can see how their symptoms serve purposes, they are then -at last- able to address the issues more consciously. For example, hyper vigilance serves to help people feel safe. Once the person realizes this stems from certain core assumptions about the world, they can decide if the core assumption can be modified.  They can also develop other ways of feeling safe, they can choose more consciously.  They can question whether their need for safety is at a reasonable level or if it’s outsized and can be scaled back a bit.

That is the first step.  But it seemed insufficient to put out there by itself, so I’ve added a few more ideas that are not fleshed out much, and may even seem a bit controversial. With that caveat, here is a draft of a draft of what some Treatment Priorities might be.