Solutions That Cause More Trauma

We live with the knowledge there were unrecognized toxins in our some of our inventions that led sickness, hardships and sometimes death (such as the lead in our paint and the arsenic in treated wood), and that medicines designed to help us instead produced terrible side effects (thalidomide comes to mind).  Other innovations ostensibly designed to protect us have led to unimagined hardships and the deaths of millions- atomic and nuclear bombs are products that come to mind.

Throughout history, items of infrastructure that are less concrete but still tangible, have also turned out to have many negative effects- legitimate governments turning into reigns of terror, and religions based in love that end up causing suffering for millions. Poverty is one of the most consequential negative byproducts of virtually all kinds of economic infrastructure. Economic infrastructures -capitalism, socialism, communism, have all reproduced trauma for millions of people.