The Big Three Dynamics

Cultural factors surround us and create the reality through which we filter our experiences.  We simply do not and cannot function without cultural constructs all around us.

Cultural constructs create meaning and make sense of the world.  They are shared understandings about how the world operates and thus they create shared ideas about what constitutes reality.  Simply put the assumptions and values we hold are all intertwined to create a very strong fabric which in turn creates a backdrop.  The thread of this fabric is the foundation out of which our cultural worldview are created.  The three elements born of trauma based responses have intertwined to create a very strong and (currently) extremely destructive thread which permeates virtually all of our cultural dynamics. These elements, braided together first as the thread and then the thread out of which a fabric of most modern days culture is created.  This fabric acts effectively as cultural blinders.  The trauma based responses have created: Patriarchy, Militarism, and Capitalism.  They are further reinforced by the Abrahamic religions.  These elements originally served to create power and control for humans.