The Definition of Insanity

It is May 6, 2020 and the contrast is stark:
Seemingly out of the goodness of his heart, Trump steps into “save” industries that use low paid workers to kill and process other living beings. Meat packing plants. At the same time, he outright lies time after time about the availability of needed basic supplies to combat this pandemic. Trump refuses to authorize the Production Act for numerous legitimate needs that have been repeatedly requested by literally thousands of public health officials and ordinary citizens, but he uses it to order killing fields to continue on as if nothing were wrong, despite workers at these plants dying from COVID that they contracted while on the job. 

Do we really need any more evidence at all that this administration is totally unhinged?  The solution is easy.  We need to take back the keys of the asylum from the real lunatics and install adults as leaders immediately.  So easy to see, so difficult for those who occupy positions of power to do because the pathways to power have been so corrupted.

 This “administration” from the start has totally ignored every bit of good advice health care experts and professionals have offered. These experts -in good faith- continue to attempt to work with absolute lunatics to negotiate us out of a pandemic that  already dwarves 911 spectacularly, and will likely soon produce a 911 -in terms of lives lost- each and every day as the pandemic rages on.

This is the exact kind of low brow horror movie shit I refuse to go see in the theaters, yet it plays out in real life day after day in America in the 21st century.  Just like in the movies, the level of insanity is clear to see.  It’s overblown, juvenile, and hard to freakin’ believe it’s so absurd.  And this heartless, completely hubristic “thinking” appears a bit over represented in one gender in particular.  I think we need to acknowledge that as an important piece of the puzzle that we need to solve to get back to some semblance of sanity. Really.