The Extent and Impact of Trauma Isn’t Recognized on a Cultural Level

If our historical trauma is so important, why we are not aware of the impact of this trauma filled past?

There are several rather large barriers that have made it difficult to come to realizations about this issue.

  1. Avoidance of delving into trauma is normal because it is so uncomfortable to contemplate
  2. Our sciences have not been oriented towards easily seeing things this way
  3. Our own culture and cultural biases are very difficult to see
  4. Social Science issues get politicized-some social facts are seen as ideologies
  5. Political polarization diverts us from truly seeing that all social problems are Power and control issues
  6. Oppression is seen as political, not a symptom of an illness
  7. Because it’s difficult to see our own cultural constructs as such, we accept certain cultural constructs uncritically
  8. Some cultural constructs are hidden from view until a certain critical mass of cultural awareness is reached