The Reactionary Next Door

It’s election season.  That now predictably horrid time in Americana when people you thought were ordinary people show partake in announcing king the kind of fear based “thinking” they engage in when thinking about political leadership, and put out signs for whatever reactionary candidate of the day there is.  I realize that sentence was a bit reactionary in itself.  Please pardon me, I am hypersensitive in these times, and I guess most people are.  So I should define what I mean by reactionary. I have a neighbor who put out three signs, all for Republican candidates.  I’m not saying these male candidates are complete neanderthals. (although let me be clear, the signs in my neighbor’s yard are all for male candidates, and via dog whistle design, the testosterone fairly oozes off the signs themselves in their red white and blue nods to law enforcement and the candidates’ themselves who incessantly squawk and crow about their selfless military “service”. (where in they either shot down other humans or authorized others to do so-all in the name of peace of course, because not using violence to solve disputes is so feminine).  I’m not even saying they are Trumpworthy grade misogynists.  But these candidates are those who tolerate the misogyny, the racism, the inequity that has gone before them.  They like the status quo and they intend to further in in the name of patriotic duty!  Make America racist again!

The kind of candidate that media outlets occasionally and utterly predictably catch muttering racist comments when they think the mics are not live.  The kind of candidates who will skim a bit more than usual off the top for their friends.  To a man they are good ol’ boys.  I have a neighbor who has these signs out.  I loathe the candidates he wants to “lead” us.  I think they are reprehensible humans.