They Can And Should Grow Up

By far the most common way for intentional* bigots to cease to exist is for them to simply grow the f**k up. Seriously. It’s a stunted way to live. Intentional bigots could grow up and not be abusive, but they just have decided not to, like stubborn children. Meanwhile, the majority of adults have (often times very consciously combatted and) learned to outgrow their own bigoted mindsets. 

As humans, we all have countless thoughts go through our heads all day, every day.  And some of them are ridiculous. Normal people discard those.

Show me a person who says they have never had a bigoted thought, and I will show you a complete liar. We all have bigoted, supremacist thoughts we correct internally, or don’t act on or voice. Full stop. 

Some of us have -a lot- fewer due to circumstances, and/or our own hard work, but we all have had them. 

And unless we are severely limited by intellectual disabilities, we can think about things in more than one way. 

We all CHOOSE which of our thoughts to believe or prioritize -we do this routinely. 

What separates intentional bigots from normal adults is normal adults simply discard offensive thoughts and keep reflecting, thinking and –often very consciously— searching for the best ways to think about situations that will be fair to all involved. This is how mature people live life. 

Everyone Already Knows Not To Believe Or Act On Everything They Think

We do. I’m gonna repeat it:  All of us already know not to believe, speak or act on everything we think.  Being non bigoted is not the —eradication—of unkind or untrue thoughts, it is simply noticing that those thoughts are not true or helpful, andbeing honest and mature enough to consistently choose  how to think about, speak, and act with as much respect and fairness as possible. Intentional* bigots could do this, they just don’t. They CAN and DO choose carefully about any number of things, ranging from how they approach business issues, to what to wear in the morning and why they are wearing it, to what to eat for dinner. And they learn from both their positive experiences and missteps in those realms. Non bigoted people do the same, but we ALSO extend this practice towards how we think about and choose to act towards other humans.  It’s as simple as that.

Intentional bigots do not do that, or at least they don’t do it nearly enough. So: simply growing up and maturing beyond bigotry is how millions of adults do it